Hook me up with a sweet header design, dudes.

Now that I’ve launched this blog, it’s time to bring the community in on a matter of dire, mission-critical importance: I need a sweet image for the header. And you folks are just the people to help me out. If you’re interested in making a design, here are a few guidelines:

  • Use fanart or sprites from awesome games (including, but not limited to, EarthBound) in your design
  • If you use someone else’s artwork, you must get permission from the artist first, and you must also tell me what their name/username is so I can credit them
  • Don’t use any text — just designs/images/pictures/art
  • Your image must be 780 x 200 pixels
  • Your image must be a .jpg or .png (no .bmp files!)
  • This will be an ongoing contest, so there’s no fixed deadline (I’ll let you guys know if/when I’m no longer accepting submissions). Don’t forget to tell me your forum username when you send your image!

Email your design to me ([email protected]) when you’re done!

If you put even a minimal amount of effort into your entry (subtext: no 5-second MS Paint monstrosities), I’ll post your design in one of my updates and you’ll get a Directional Pad Badge d-pad badge on the Starmen.Net Forum. If I decide to use your submission, you’ll get an upgrade to a Fangamer Badge - Gold gold d-pad badge. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with :D